Monday, June 11, 2012

What I've been doing....

I have been very busy. My website is now up and running.  Please let me know if there are any problems with it. I'm slowly adding more inventory.

I've been working on demos of patterns that I am stocking. And, I have been designing. I'll post more on the new designs later this year as I plan to present my designs at the Houston International Quilt Show in Houston this fall.

Here are some photos of the demos I have done.

Ok... I couldn't get the photo to rotate.

 This is a pattern I received last week by Crabapple Hill called Celinda Wickenblat's Spellbook I traced project and stitched the front in one afternoon. And, finished putting the book together the next day. This was a really fun and quick. The pattern comes with 3 pages of "spells". Of course, I thought I would add a few more pages.

These three adoreable stitcheries are by Shirley Hudson at Hudson Holidays. These were also quick, easy and fun.

This pillow is a design by Bunny Hill. I made it with wool, flannel, and homespun fabric. 

This is one part of three stitcheries from a pattern by Bird Brain Designs.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coloring on Fabric

This is a pillow I made for my father for Christmas 2011.  My father had a brother who passed away at age 21 with lymphoma. His brother had a 1955 Chevy he restored. The fabric border and backing consists of the upholstery fabric his brother bought for the seats. My grandmother found the fabric last summer & gave it to me when my studio was completed. She wasn't sure that I would be able to use it for anything. But when she told me where the fabric came from, I had to do something with it. My oldest son drew the picture of the car for me. And, I traced it on to the fabric, colored the drawing, and stitched the outline. I used Derwent Inktense Pencils (watercolor).  I came across these pencils at a quilt show and wanted to try them out. The coloring can be set to become permanent.
 What I learned in this process:
Don't use too much water. It (the color) will bleed outside of the drawn line.
Yes, It is permanent after it has been wet & allowed to completely dry.
Other pencils and brands wash out or fade significantly when laundered.
And, I need more colors!!!

This it a pattern by Meg Hawley from Crabapple Hill Designs. I really do like her work!
The center piece is a stitchery that is colored with crayons. I traced the design on to the fabric, then colored it with crayons. Yes, I used regular crayola crayons (64ct box). This was a lot of fun to do. After coloring, I set the colors by using an iron and plain paper. The heat makes the colors permanent. I finished all of the coloring first, then did the stitchery.
Now, I need to quilt it. I haven't really decided yet on how I'm going quilt it.