About Me

Christy & Co is a business name. My name is Christy Fear. I am the wife of a "lucky" man & the mother of two wonderful boys. My husband built me a studio so that I would have room to quilt and do other crafts. Since moving into the studio, I often have "company" while I'm working . I can't say it is the boys more often than my husband. Although the boys do tend to hang out with me alot longer. My husband usually wants to know "What's to eat?" or see what I'm doing. Whereas, my boys want to help. My oldest one draws, so he has drawn pictures that have been inspiration for quilt designs. My youngest is a BIG helper. I couldn't be more grateful or thankful for all of them.

I come from a family where everyone has some area of craft expertise. My grandmother introduced me to quilting at a very young age. She taught me  basic embroidery, quilting, and stitcheries. She always said, "True quilters quilt by hand". Machine quilting was a big "NO-NO" & were only used to piece quilt tops together. Things have come along way from then.  Yes, I machine quilt now. My mother taught me to sew. I have several aunts who taught me cross stitch & crochet. My father, grandfather, uncle- all dabble with various netting making and woodcrafts.  I took every art, craft, and homemaking class I could starting in Jr High. I made my first "quilt" in the 7th grade. It was a pinwheel potholder. I learned the basics of quilting over a 6 week period. Once, I taught myself basic knitting, but it "wasn't my thing". Quilting and Cross Stitch are the two crafts I am very passionate about. And, I still crochet as well. I have taken the basics taught & continued to educate myself.

Christy & Co is a business for quilting and needlearts. I am working on some designs and plan to introduce them at a later date. I appreciate all who have and are supporting me. Please feel free to leave me messages. I like hearing from others and getting feedback.